About Us


Real name Silas Berinyuy Tirajai who was popularly known as Ven2ra but now goes by his last name Tirajai which means "To Learn from mistakes" is an independent Cameroonian U.S based Afro-Pop recording artist, writer and dancer. His musical roots can be traced right back to a tender age of about 8.

His Dad owned a discotheque and being exposed to different cultures of music helped him develop a great key sensitivity and an outstanding musical mind accompanied by unrivaled creativity. His driving force "Prayer, hard work and self- discipline" has influenced him in never giving up his superstar dream. As a boy he was known for constantly doing gigs whenever he had the opportunity .

His music is spiced with a lot of life lessons and tough experiences which harmonize as beautiful melodies filled with passion, that heals, encourages and is another blowing wind of change to music. With his blend of both his mother tongue [Lamnso] and English, his music sounds purely African and represents his cultural heritage.